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George Zimmerman In Police Custody

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(CNN) — George Zimmerman surrendered to authorities in Florida Sunday and was taken into custody at the Seminole County Jail. Seminole County Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. ordered him back to jail, saying the 28-year-old was not truthful about how much money he had access to when he was freed on bond in April.

Lester’s ruling on Friday followed allegations by prosecutors that Zimmerman had $135,000. At the time, his wife told the court under oath that the family was indigent.

Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, is accused of shooting the black teenager in a gated community in Sanford in February, a killing that he has said was in self-defense.

Martin’s family contends that he racially profiled the 17-year-old who was walking home from a convenience store.

Zimmerman was charged in April after the case was referred to a state attorney for a review after protesters called for his arrest.

The money in question appears to have been donated to Zimmerman through a website he set up to help with a legal defense fund.

Citing recorded jailhouse conversations between Zimmerman and his wife, prosecutors alleged the two spoke in code when discussing the money in a credit union account, according to a court documents filed Friday by State Attorney Angela B. Corey.

In light of that, Lester revoked Zimmerman’s bond and ordered he turn himself in no later than Sunday afternoon.

Zimmerman “fully controlled and participated in the transfer of money from the PayPal account to defendant and his wife’s credit union accounts,” Corey said in court records. “This occurred prior to the time defendant was arguing to the court that he was indigent and his wife had no money.”

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