What Matters Most: The Four C’s

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(KPLR) - Not everyone is inclined to seek help and if it's someone you care about, here are some ways to go about helping them.  The four C's:
Until you "connect" with someone you really can't help them and until they know you really care and are "compassionate" about helping them.they won't trust you. So, it's important to really listen to learn how to go about reaching them and gaining their trust.
And, being "clear' about what they are struggling with is important because until you get a handle on why they are, perhaps, stuck, you can't help. Asking questions to get the answers is a better way to approach it, suggesting here's what you "should" do or here's what you "need" to do, serves no purpose because they need to figure out what direction to take and, if you are so wrapped up with being the "rescuer" than you risk coming across as trying to "fix" them or their issues, what do you want? What is preventing you from getting it?  Are two powerful questions
Helping someone understand how there needs to be "commitment" to go after what they want and then "action", it doesn't help to just define the problem, get the clarity, if you don't act on it all.

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