Mendte: Negative Ads

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) - It has already started.  Negative ads in the presidential campaign are hitting the airways in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and several other swing states and it`s not even June.

These are ads you don`t usually see until October right before the election but they are happening almost three months before the conventions which is when the presidential campaign is supposed to kick off.

Most of the negative ads are coming from the Obama campaign who want to make this election about Mitt Romney and not a referendum on the economy.

Now the reports are that the Obama campaign will raise close to a billion dollars the Romney campaign is expected to raise close to a billion dollars but both democratic and republican groups are independently expected to rise more than twice that amount to spend on super pac ads.

And if you think the ads put out by the campaign are negative wait until you see some of the super pac ads in the fall some are put together by certifiably crazy people certifiable crazy rich people and that is a dangerous combination.

It is conceivable that between 4 and 5 billion dollars may be spent on this presidential campaign and most of that money will go to negative ads in what is expected to not only be the most expensive but the ugliest, nastiest campaign in history.

So what you are seeing now is nothing just wait and hear is my humble advice try to ignore the attack ads it is easier said than done  I know but genuinely attempt to go on a strict TV diet of no negativity we`ll call it the smart voter diet.

Instead listen and read what the candidates actually say they are going to do and what they believe.

If you do you`ll find yourself admiring both men and instead of choosing between the lesser of two evils you will choose between the better of two visions for the country debated by two capable men.

I know it sounds like a pipe dream but if you can pull it off you will feel better about the country better about the future and better about your vote.

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