Lionel: War Against Smoker

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NEW YORK, NY. (KPLR) - The New York office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation has suspended enforcement of a statewide ban at state parks, pools, beaches and historic sites in view of objections and a threatened lawsuit from folks such as the courageous clash, citizens lobbying against smoker harassment. But, and I love this part, the smoke fascists won`t remove signs banning smoking in state parks in the city and at pools and playgrounds. That would only make sense. That`s like saying: driving over 55 is now legal but we`ll keep the speed limit signs up. Completely logical. It`s a war on smokers and as an American, a constitutionalists, this should appall you.

This is a war against freedom. Freedom and liberty do not apply to only those who share your likes and dislikes. Freedom is for everyone. What government does to the least of my brethren. I care not whether you hate smoking or its smell or smokers or smoker`s hack, smelly clothes, yellow fingers, or rotten yellowed xanthodontic remnants of what were once teeth. I loathe the morbidly gargantuan in subway seats that barely accommodate the rear end of the non-steatopygian; I detest noxious colognes, bad breath. Ugly, gnarled and barnacled hooves shoved into 'cute' sandals. Tattoos with words misspelled, loud conversations in closed places, chewing with your mouth open, tourists not looking where they`re walking, TV traffic reports, think about it, TV traffic reports?!

But that`s for you and me to dissuade through public pressure and not laws. Not the government, not tyranny. Have smoking sections, fine. Segregate smokers from children, fine. But that`s not what the smoke fascists want, like el bloombito, they want cigarettes gone and moreover, the cigarette smoker gone as in disappeared. That`s next. So great, so vile is this hatred for the cigarette smoker that if these people could have their way, smokers would be carted off to some gulag, segregated from society, cordoned off, interned, imprisoned, stripped of freedom and liberty and shackled, chained and warehoused away in some dungeon where smoking would still not be allowed.

You live in a world that is nothing short of being a toxic witch’s brew. Children are blasted with vaccine series, autism spectrum disorder rates are amazingly through the roof with absolutely no connection, you`re being bombarded with PCB`s, GMO`s, Bisphenol A, EEDC`s or estrogenic endocrine-disrupting chemicals, infertility and pediatric cancer are at pandemic rates, teratogenic agents are ubiquitous, lead, methyl mercury, polychlorinated PCB`s, arsenic, cadmium, manganese. You`re awash in it.

But you`ll never hear bloombito or anyone go after big business, big agra or big pharma. Why? Not when we can focus and target our hate on the smoker. Listen to me, smoking will be illegal and the smoker will be jailed and imprisoned. Remember, incarceration is big business. And you know what Americans will do?  



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