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Lionel: Facebook Fueds

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NEW YORK, NY. - In a spate of recent articles in matrimonial and family law journals as well as the mainstream Ted Baxter media, Facebook has replaced adultery, physical abuse and overall debauchery as the leading cause of divorce and separation.

Why? Because people self-chronicle their own adultery, physical abuse and overall debauchery in Facebook. In the annals of human behavior nothing has tapped into our collective base insanity more than Facebook. The playground of the vapid and soulless narcissist. The development of the picture window didn`t necessarily lead to exhibitionism, but Facebook has no corollary in inspiring absolute self-destructive vanity insanity through voluntary, unprompted disclosure. It`s the siren call to the look at me crowd. It causes people to literally chronicle and memorialize every single stupid and interstitial thing they do in their vacuous and emotionally cobwebbed lives.

And that`s why the government must control Facebook. It`s a treasure trove of data mining. Why? Because no one has to wiretap or get search warrants or FISA court approval or anything. People will expose everything. Divorce lawyers instead of employing the private investigator to catch the unfaithful spouse in flagrante delicto now have clients come in with copies of screen shots or better yet, just go online.

In all of human history, nothing has inspired self-revelatory destruction like Facebook. It`s also created new bases and foundations for hatred and feuds. Un-friending has caused more conflicts than you can imagine. And there`s a new series of problems that arise when a married spouse doesn`t change or list his or her status as married. Facebook is anti-social meth. Parents and spouses in custody battles will introduce in court hearings Facebook entries of the battling spouse doing drugs, engaging in questionable behavior and the like. You can`t calculate what Facebook has done in tapping into and exposing the sick and pathetic traits of humans.

Go ahead, look. Feast your eyes on the 40-ish mom-wife and her friends enjoying a night on the town looking hot: translation like a hooker. Look how parents chronicle their kids` lives showing the world including sexual predators and the like what their kids look like, their names, hobbies, a virtual dossier for the potential perv. Facebook creates the illusion that you`re invisible that it`s just you and your friends. The very first thing I do whenever I’m friended is go right to the photo section. That tells me everything. It`s a GPS of their soul. A road map of the la-la land called 'look at me.' Facebook is for the narcissist, the empty, vacant soul who so much wants to matter. To be noticed, seen, cared about.

And the lonely woman, I’m sorry to say, who wants to be hot! Hot! Somebody reinforce and tell me I’m hot!


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