Man Found Dead In Alley

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NORTH ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - More gunfire took another life on what was turning out to be a violent Memorial Day Weekend in the St. Louis area.  People heard shots fired around 1:45 a.m. Sunday.  Hours later, they found a young man, dead, shot in the head in the alley behind the 6000 block of Emma in North St. Louis.  

There was a feeling in the Walnut Park Neighborhood that Sunday mornings should be for singing choirs not singing sirens.   A neighborhood, where signs calling for an end to violence dotted the yard, was facing that violence once more.  
"We`re killing each other off, man, for what reason," said resident, Sam Dean.  
Homicide detectives wanted to know the same thing.   

Dean`s plans for a weekend of fun in the back yard pool were suddenly side tracked.  
It was hard to think of hanging out there with everything that was happening on the other side of his fence. "Just hanging out in the pool, enjoying a little barbecue;  had the kids over; got a call, saying somebody was back here dead.  It`s horrible man, " Dean lamented.  The murder scene was not even a block from the Rose Hill Missionary Baptist Church.  Church members arriving for Sunday services couldn`t help but think, maybe at least part of the solution lied behind their doors.  Churchgoers noted that few from the neighborhood belonged to a congregation that needed a boost in membership and could certainly offer an alternative to the troubling world outside. "There`s a lot of drugs and stuff around. The children want to lean more to that than they do to wanting to come to church," said church deacon, James Hornbuckle. "All I can say is we need to stop the killing.  It`s terrible," said long time church member, Robert Kiner."We`re not going to give up.  The lord put us here for a reason.  This is what we`re here for, to try to save our young people," Hornbuckle said.   

They wondered what might have if the young man taken away in the morgue van, Sunday, had found a place in their pews.  Neighbors said they believed the young man was in his late teens to early 20's;  Police have not released his name; no word on a suspect or motive.

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