Mendte: NATO Terror

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NEW YORK - It seems our greatest defense against terrorists is that they are idiots.  Take this confederacy of fools for instance, you know how sometimes you look at somebody and think man they are dangerously dumb,   dumb, dumb, dumb dumber and dumbest prove that sometimes you can tell a book by its cover.

These are the three picked up for their ingenious and diabolical plan to wreak havoc at the NATO meetings in Chicago.

Their plan, they were going to drink beer and then they were going to go to the gas station and fill the beer bottles with gasoline; because that is not suspicious at all and then they were going to stuff their bandanas in the beer, because all bad guys wear bandanas and then they were going to throw them at targets around Chicago.

Let me explain something, not only is the Chicago police out in force; but NATO troops are in Chicago and so is The National Guard, our military, the CIA, the FBI.  There are F-14`s and drones patrolling the skies, and the Secret Service, Homeland Security, the FBI and the CIA are all under cover.

And the fantastic five here thought they could take them on with flaming beer bottles.

Oh and they decided to brag about it before hand to a couple of undercover police officers.

So the five beer bombers join the dangerous but inept list with the shoe bomber; who burned his toes but nothing else, the Times Square bomber who left a bomb in a van that snap, crackled but didn’t pop, oh and he also left some paperwork with his address and his house keys and the best of all; the underwear bomber who sat on a bomb that baked his manhood, but nothing else.

Apparently there is no aptitude test for terrorists.

And thank god for that; as we found out in Oklahoma City, every once and a while, even a moron can succeed sometimes.

So thank you to law enforcement who keep us safe by not underestimating the idiots.

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