Mendte: Donna Summer

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NEW YORK - But then came the revelation that the singer thought her death was linked to 9/11, another victim of a man's evil.

Reports are that Donna Summer died of lung cancer, but what complicates matters is that she is a smoker, a leading cause of lung cancer however, she was in an apartment near ground zero when the towers fell.  She told her family that she nearly suffocated from the thick poisonous smoke that filled the air.  She remained in her apartment breathing that air for days after.

She was not alone; thousands were exposed to the toxins for days.

Many of them first responders who shared the air with Summers, hundreds of them died of cancer, many in their 30's and 40's with no family history.

There is federal money to pay the families of the men and women who suffered and died because they responded when America needed them most.  But in a move that defies common sense and common decency, the federal government is denying money to those who have cancer because they say a link cannot be proved.

And that is why many of the 9/11 first responders want an autopsy of Donna Summer and her family should allow it; this just creates a cloud of controversy at the same time the government is reviewing its decision.

Both the family and the first responders deserve to know the truth.