Kidnapped Chicagoan Generating Buzz For St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) –  St. Louis is trying to infect Chicagoans with another case of Stockholm syndrome.  The plan is part of the CVC’s campaign called, “Kidnapped Chicagoan” to get Cubs fans down South.  In this popular web series a real guy named Scott is introduced to St. Louis against his will.  Well, Scott is an actor and never appears to be in any peril. But, the 35 year old does show genuine interest in the Gateway to the West.

This is the second time St. Louis’ Convention and Visitors Commission has used this tactic.The new twist on the campaign this year is the addition of an interactive website.  You can check Scott’s tweets, Pinterest board and YouTube Channel there.  See it all at


Twitter: KidnappedChicgn