GM Set to Expand Wentzville Plant

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WENTZVILLE, MO (KPLR) - The St. Louis area's auto industry will receive its biggest shot in the arm in Wentzville Monday morning.  An expansion is coming to General Motors.

After a period where the very future of the American auto industry seemed to be in doubt, we're now talking about growth once again and new jobs in Wentzville.

GM's new mid-size Chevy Colorado, a project announced in November, will have a big impact on Wentzville. Officials will break ground Monday morning on a $380 million project to expand the Wentzville plant in order to accommodate the building of the Colorado.

They're adding a half-million square feet to the plant that currently makes two full-sized vans, the Express and the Savannah.  There is no word on just how many jobs will be created, but Wentzville officials have been quoted in recent months predicting a boost of 10,000 or so to the city's population.

Groundbreaking is set for 11:30 a.m.