Aliens And Bullying Subject Of 5th Grader’s Book

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WENTZVILLE, MO (KPLR)-It might be the last day of school but Mrs. Adkins had one more lesson.

“At the fifth grade level the kids really don't want to re-read their work,” says Fifth Grade Teacher Kim Adkins.  “They want to write it one time and then be done with it.”

But not Matthew Montgomery who relishes re-writes.

“I get up every morning at 6 so I can start writing down… like 5:50 so I can start writing,” says Mathew Montgomery. 

 “You just have to get it out on paper?”' asks Patrick Clark.

 “Yeah but I type it out on the computer,” says Montgomery.

 Last year, this elementary student started exchanging ideas with friends.

“So eventually decided to try and form a little club called the science fiction club,” says Montgomery.  “We created all the scientific ideas and all these ideas started formulating into a plot and story.”

“We have conversations of how this works and how does that work and I'll challenge him and he'll just think of crazy things right off the bat and then he'll go off and write,”says Matthew`s dad,  Peter.

With a little financial help and fatherly advice, this fifth grader became a first time author.

“The first thing I saw was this,” says Montgomery pointing to the book`s spine.

His pen name: “M.M. Scott.”

“Sp  we're driving along and he just shout out, `MM Scott!” says Peter Montgomery.  “I go, ‘Why is that?’ and he goes, ‘Cause you have to have initials to be cool dad.’”

“ Like JK Rowling that's one of them,” says Montgomery.  “Mark Twain, his real name is Samuel Longhorne Clemens. Like a lot of authors have them.”

His first book Aliens in Disguise: Rise of the Heroes takes place on Jupiter with space ships, dragons, and bullying.

“He’s  got it in such a way that the message will be heard but the kids will enjoy it as well,” says Adkins.  “I think they'll be able to apply some of the strategies even though they are out of this world but just use that their own lives in a way to empower themselves.”

“Well I put bullying in like different ways the hero basically faces bullies and figure some out with the special powers that he has.”' says Montgomery.

“He  took that process to heart and really went with it and it really showed in his book and I'm so proud of him,” says Adkins.

An epic space adventure, from the mind of an 11 year old.

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