Jacology: Missouri Banana Republic

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(KPLR) - I have some fond memories of and some very good friends in places like Panama, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. So when I hear Missouri called a banana republic, I’m deeply offended on behalf of my friends in Central America. There's no reason to insult the good people of Tegucigalpa or Managua by comparing them with Jefferson City.

Although you have to admit, the idea of armed officers on guard to keep the public, journalists and democrats out of the Missouri House of Representatives chamber did bring to mind the spectacle of a third world general with sunglasses and a pencil-thin mustache inaugurating himself as president-for-life.

So maybe we should suggest that Speaker of the House Steve Tilley buy himself some khaki uniforms and gold braid and start smoking cigars. We're picking on Tilley because he's the one who ordered police to keep reporters and citizens and democrats out of the house chamber.

That was so Tilley could honor conservative talk host Rush Limbaugh by putting his bust in the hall of famous Missourians. There was no committee, no vote, no discussion. Tilley just decided Limbaugh would get a bust. And when the bust was finally delivered, the ceremony for it and Limbaugh was held for only republicans who agree with Limbaugh.

Fidel Castro would approve. So maybe the house speaker should change his title to generalissimo in charge of the banana republicans.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.

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