Many Claim Money Found At Goodwill Store

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - The search for the rightful owner of $14,505 at South County Goodwill store May 9th, has hit a snag.

More than a dozen people have come forward with apparently honest claims that it may be their money. There's security video of two men, unknowingly dropping of a box with the cash Tuesday, May 8th. Still, there were people trying to pull a 'fast one' on the Goodwill staff a week later. Workers were not 100% sure the right person had come back to the store to claim the money. They were absolutely certain the wrong one had.

'15 people have claimed this money ,' said MERS Goodwill  CEO, Lewis Chartock.

'We just had one a while ago.  He actually just showed up at the dock.  He said, `I`m here, what do I gotta do, I`m here to claim it ?`'  said store manager, Tina Wells.

She found the money while sorting through a box of donating Christmas decorations,  the day after it was dropped off.  She turned in every dollar.  Goodwill staff traced the money to the load of donations from two men pulling a trailer behind a Green Ford, F-150 pickup.

'I tried to come back with a green pickup truck and claim it, but they all know me by first name here, so that didn`t work too good,' joked regular customer, Craig Kohl.

'Everybody`s coming out of the woodwork.  Everybody donated it and `it`s mine`, of course,' Wells laughed.  '[ But ] they have the wrong day, some of them have the wrong things.'

Chartock said 2 of the 15 'honest' claims, seemed to be the most legitimate.  One appeared to be one of the men who dropped  off the load.  The other was a woman whose parents had  died.

'The daughter had an estate sale.  The estate sale, when finished, turned the leftovers, the refuse over, to somebody to donate to Goodwill.  That`s the people who ended up dropping it off,' Chartock said. "Goodwill is going to interplead the funds into the registry of the Circuit Court of St. Louis County.  Then it`s up to everybody to do their best, because we really don`t know. '

'There are still good people, honest people around, obviously.  There are a lot of dishonest people as well.  But you know, the honest people, I still have faith in honest people, honestly,' said customer, Jay Towns.

The shame of it is, whoever can honestly claim the money, the dishonest claims will force them to wait for the court to sort through it all.

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