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NEW YORK - If you’re not paying for it, you’re not the customer. You’re the product being sold. This simple apothegm is the most important concept to understand as you make your way into this world of social networking, voluntary and involuntary.

Facebook, Google name it, you’re the product. They sell you. You’re led like a lamb to slaughter. You’re sheeple. A lot of younger folks have no conception of 1984, big brother, privacy, nothing. And no greater example exists than what I heard recently. The wireless emergency alerts or WEA service begins this month. What it means is the government has taken over your phones, your texting, your carriers. The government is everywhere. But that’s not the way it was announced. It was given to the Ted Baxter sockpuppet media and they read the news verbatim as such.

Now listen how they did it. First, it’s free! Did you hear that sparky, it’s free. The government won’t charge you to seize control of your phone. And if the system exists to allow emergency control, that means its gained access to everything always and everywhere. Forever. That’s the point. If FEMA says during bad weather, we’ll come into your homes for free and leave you instructions on your kitchen table where the nearest shelter is, they’ve got access to your home now. But it’s free.

That killed me. Hey, George Orwell, this isn’t Big Brother, it’s free. Surveillance is never free. Next, in addition to it being free, I actually heard a propaganda reader say this: and you won’t have to sign up. It’s automatic. Good news! It’s free and the feds do all that setting up business for me. Now, let’s assume someone out there, maybe you, still has a working neuron available and is suspicious. The feds say we’ll also throw in amber alerts. Like a parent jiggling keys to distract a crying baby. Amber alerts, free, weather; we’ll set it up for you.

Now, here’s the kicker, let’s say you say no. No, I’m opting out. Ok, the feds will let you, except for messages from the president. Is that beautiful or what? That’s straight out of 1984. The prez says, I’m everywhere. I’ll be in your phone, your TV, your computer, your homes.

If you wear a hearing aid, I’ll get that too. And then baby monitors. And the RFID chips you’ll implant in your kids and pets and parents and then you, I’ll be there too. And what could go wrong? Remember the panic in New Jersey last December when Verizon customers got this text? 'Civil emergency' 'take shelter.' that was a beta test for FEMA`s plan program personal localized alerting network.

But it’s free. Next, when you see all those cool UAV`s and drones flying around brought to you by NORTHCOM, that’ll be free also. Let me repeat: if you’re not paying for it, you’re not the customer. You’re the product being sold.

Remember, 1984 was not supposed to be an instruction manual.


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