Mendte: Campaign Bickering

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NEW YORK - One day President Obama supports gay marriage and almost immediately the Washington Post has a story that republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney bullied a gay student in prep school 47 years ago.

The republicans let loose with a reminder that when Barack Obama was in high school he regularly skipped class and did drugs.  He admitted to it in his book.

This follows an attack by the Obama campaign that Mitt Romney once put his dog Seamus in a portable kennel that he tied to the roof of his car.

And then the Romney campaign fired back that President Obama admitted in his book that he used to eat dog when he was with his father in Indonesia.

Welcome to the silliness of the 2012 campaign.

Where a homophobic bully who doesn’t care for his dog is running against a slacker stoner who eats dogs.

And by the way one is a Mormon, which is a cult you know, and the other used to go to a church that hates America, but he is really a Muslim.

Of course all of that is exaggeration or outright lies; but it doesn’t matte, that’s what the campaigns want you to believe.

It is sickening and it is just going to get worse and the fact that respected media outlets are running with opposition research fed by the campaigns is even more sickening.

Do not get distracted, it is too important.

We have a record number of people out of work, a record deficit, a continuing housing crisis, a war in Afghanistan and a looming crisis in Syria and Iran.

We need a serious presidential debate, now!

Not a high school debate from 30 or 40 years ago.

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