Daughter Gives Mother Kidney For Mother’s Day

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OHIO (CNN) - While many moms were honored by their children on Mother's Day, a woman in Ohio paid tribute to her daughter.

Jackie Congedo reports the daughter is giving her mom a priceless gift.

At 62 years old Penny Harris has just about everything. A loving husband, two fantastic grandkids, but the one thing she needs has threatened it all.

My own immune system had attacked my kidneys and that's why they were dying and there was little hope.

Once an active teacher, penny's life has been reduced to whatever she has energy for after 3 to 4 days of dialysis every week. She's been waiting on the kidney transplant list for years.

I had called my kids together at the beginning and said I didn't think I could accept a kidney from any of them, they were my babies and I gave them life and I should be the one to give my life to them.

But her 27 year old daughter Nicole wouldn't take no for an answer.

Mom always puts everyone else first so this is my chance to do something for her.
I think she's wonderful I think she's marvelous I think she's a living angel. I just don't have enough ways to say thank you to her.

So today, on mother's day, she had this gift for her daughter.

I've written a poem for Nicole for Mother's Day it’s called the ultimate gift.

Because sometimes rhyme helps when words are hard to find.

My daughter's a heroine is so courageous and giving, May 15th, I'll thank her for living.  Thank you.

Nicole and Penny go in for their final blood tests today.  If those results are good, the transplant takes place tomorrow.

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