Bernthal The Way It Oughta Be: St. Louis County Crime

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KPLR) – I first started calling police departments for crime information when I was a reporter for my college radio station.  

One of the most frustrating things for a reporter is when a department covers up a crime because they worry about the image it might leave behind.

That's been happening for years.

There can be a lot of pressure from mayors and city administrators to keep certain crimes quiet.

I brought my chair to the St. Louis County police department to give credit where credit is due.

Chief Tim Fitch didn't stay silent when heroin overdoses started taking lives.  He, along with others, sounded the alarm and spoke out about the problem.

And speaking out has made a difference.  Maybe you saw our recent report on how the number of heroin deaths in St. Louis County has dropped.

Don't get me wrong, the heroin problem is still very real.  In fact Chief Fitch says his detectives have found a heroin connection in every high school they've investigated.

It's not only refreshing to hear that kind of candor, in this case it's also saved lives.

I'm JB and that's The Way It Oughta Be.

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