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Mother’s Day Bike Ride

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 ST. LOUIS , MO ( KPLR) It is becoming a non-traditional Mother’s Day tradition:  mothers and grandmothers, along with those who love them, stepping away from the brunch table and jumping on their bikes.   It was a ‘call to moms’ in near Tower Grove Park in South St. Louis, Sunday.  

The moms answered in droves and on a day meant to give moms a break, of course, they brought the kids.’I got a new road bike for Mother`s Day,’ said Dr. Cindy Haines, who was there with her husband and two children.   ‘So what better way to spend mother`s day than out with the family, riding a brand new bike, and then eating.’
‘It`s the best thing that could possibly happen on a Mother`s Day.  It means a lot to me, yes; to be with my family, my grandchildren,’ said Karen O`Leary, a mother and grandmother, there with her son and two grandsons.  She noted 1 grandson, Connor, couldn`t make it.  He had to work.    More than 200 moms and those who love them most hit the trail for Trailnet`s Mother`s Day Ride.  

It remained a mystery to ‘non-moms’ how moms knew how to give the rest of  ‘a  push’, without ever really letting go.   Perhaps the thing about a good mom is that all paths seem to lead back to her. Cindy Haines` daughter, Elle, 9, said the best thing about her mom was, ‘everything.”Everything !’ Cindy repeated, cheering, dancing, and smiling all at once.
‘My mom is the nicest woman on the face of the planet,’ said Mike O`Leary, careful not to leave out his grandma.

‘My grandma, is in a tie for nicest woman on the planet. ‘
Susan Rollins was riding without her kids;  a little ‘alone time’ part of their gift to a mom who beamed with pride over the great young people they`d grown up to become.    
‘Ones off in Philly doing a PhD.,  one`s in Chicago. She`ll be senior next year, and the baby graduates Nerinx Hall next week and is off to TCU.  Did I do a good job?  I think I did ?’  she laughed. ‘Happy Mother`s Day,’ said Paige McCormick.  
And moms, thanks for taking us with you for the ride.  
The ride was a fundraiser for Trailnet, an organization that promotes healthy, active communities through walking and biking programs, along with the expansion of walking and biking trails throughout the area.  Kids and their moms rode for free.

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