Standoff Ends Peacefully At Berkeley Home

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BERKELEY, MO (KPLR) - A potentially dangerous stand off in Berkeley resulted in a number of area schools taking precautionary steps that included keeping students inside.

Berkeley police say an armed suspect initiated a fight with an officer and social worker who arrived around Noon on Thursday.

An attorney for the suspect says his client was caring for his elderly father and some family members felt the care was negligent.

James Robinson says that`s what triggered the dispute.

"I`ve never seen anything like that before," said Aja Floyd who lives near the suspect`s house.  "The SWAT team was hiding out on the side of the house and it was unreal."

Berkeley police Chief Frank McCall, Jr. says St. Louis County responded with its tactical unit when the situation escalated.  He says the suspect started a fight with the officer and fired a shot.  The officer fired back.  No one was hit by the gunfire and the elderly father was able to leave.

Then for the next several hours the suspect refused to come out of his house.  He talked about his own funeral arrangements but eventually his attorney talked him into surrendering.

"He said he was tired and he probably felt he could serve his father serve his family better if he was still around," said Robinson.

McCall praised all parties involved for the peaceful ending.

"This was something that could have been a lot worse," said McCall.

He said his department recently underwent special tactical training that helps officer be on the same page as the St. Louis County tactical unit.

"It`s like the left hand knows what the right hand is doing," explained McCall.

The suspect could be charged with assault and officer and armed criminal action.

The officer involved in the scrap suffered minor injuries.

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