Lionel: Watching Crazies

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(NEW YORK) - The Octomom is ready for her close-up, Mr. Demille. Her porn close-up.  Solo, if you didn’t know and if you know what I mean.  Now let’s explain what she’s all about, because I’ve figured this out. She’s about our sick pathetic voyeurism. We love to see the desperate, the mentally ill, the morbidly obese, the whacked and batty, fruit loop nutso lunatics. We delight because we’re not them, actually they, but for this crowd? It’s a statement about us. And let me throw in the poster child for dysmorphia, the tanning mom, Madame Melanoma, lady tanorexia, the carotenemic what’s her name. Since time immemorial we love freak shows, the bearded lady, the two-headed whatever.

But today with our strange addiction to strange addictions at a fevered pitch our lust for disgust is insatiable. Let me tell you what will be next: the next step will be televised AA or Al-Anon meetings, anonymity be damned. Think intervention on steroids.

Next, hidden cameras in state mental hospitals. Real nuts in real time. It’ll be a hit. Oh, but think sicker, deeper, worse. Think hidden cameras when folks get their pathology results.

Lilly miller of El Paso you’re gonna die! It’s malignant stage four! Or better yet, kids begging and pleading on TV to be adopted, real tear-jerking stuff.  Because you can look all you want at Octomom, you’re wasting your time. Get a mirror, look at yourself. And me too I’m as guilty as you are and we’re as guilty as sin.  And it’s a beautiful, perfect storm and at the heart of the problem is this, the camera mixed with fame mixed with attention and glory and infamy and some embarrassment but it’s all about look at me. Just don’t ignore me.

Let me ask you a question, years ago folks tried to argue that they shouldn’t be charged with possessing child pornography because they never took the photos or recruited the children, they’re just innocent observers of something that probably occurred years ago.

Yes, but possessing and trafficking in child pornography encouraged further exploitation as the profit motive was there and every time someone viewed this memorialized horror, the exploitation was relived.

Apply that logic to Octomom and tang lady. When you watch and I watch and ratings soar, producers who have the morals of an executioner will move on scouring the country for the next pathetic, vacant, vacuous, soulless and attention starved nobody that we’ll use and discard. And I’ll watch right along with you, because we’re the sick ones.