Diverted Passengers Angry Over Stint in St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - Hundreds of passengers were diverted from Chicago to St. Louis Lambert International airport Monday night.  Angry passengers finally started to leave Tuesday morning.

For one, many slept on the floor.  One passenger said no one offered cots.  He blamed Lambert for that.

Thomas Martin shot a picture from the end of a gargantuan line.  He said there must have been at least 300 standing and waiting for instructions from airline staff.

Martin said his plane was about an hour outside Chicago, when the crew said it was just too dangerous to land there.  Apparently, that was not a unique situation.  Two other flights were also diverted from Chicago for the same reason.

Martin said he was not happy with accommodations for such a massive amount of passengers stranded at Lambert.

He said the Good Friday tornadoes should have left Lambert prepared to give passengers cots.  However, the procedure for a tornado is to have passengers take cover and then evacuate immediately.