Dashcam Video Leads To Federal Lawsuit In Collinsville

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COLLINSVILLE, IL (KPLR)-- The city of Collinsville and a police officer are slapped with a federal lawsuit after a traffic stop on Interstate 70.

The plaintiff’s say a Collinsville officer unlawfully searched their car. Their attorney says they have the dash camera video to proves it.

The lawsuit centers around two Ohio men visiting the Star Trek convention at the St. Louis Science Center in December.

On their way out of town the men were pulled over allegedly for swerving.

Their attorney says this video proves the officer violated his client’s constitutional rights.

Filmmaker Terrance Huff calls his edited dash cam video "Breakfast in Collinsville."

Huff and a friend were pulled over on Interstate 70 last December.

Collinsville Police Officer Michael Reichert explains why Huff was stopped. “You were in a lane near a truck and then you went half way over the lane,” he stated.

Huff is handed a warning. He should have been free to go.

Officer Reichert then tells Huff a little marijuana isn't a problem. But Reichert brings out his K-9 and takes him to the front of the car out of the camera view.

Huff's attorney says Officer Reichert coached the K-9 to respond to a false positive. No drugs were found in the car.

The video has caught the attention of attorneys across the country. Mick Henderson isn't working on this case, but defends similar clients in the St. Louis area.

He'll be watching what happens in federal court.

Fox 2’s calls to the Collinsville police department were not returned.

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