Mendte: New Jersey Overly Tanned Woman

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(NEW YORK, NY) - By Now you have probably heard the story of Patricia Krentcil, no?  Yeah you have, let me remind you.  She is the extra crispy lady, or as the New York Tabloids so delicately put it, she is the roasted nut or the toast of the own, take your pick.

Here’s the story, her 6 year old daughter Anna went to school burned and when her teacher asked how that happened; Anna explained that she tried out a tanning bed when she went to a salon with her Mom.
Anna is a beautiful little fair skinned red head.

The teacher called authorities and they showed up at the Krentcil home in Nutley, New Jersey.  Yeah she lives in Nutley; you can’t make this stuff up.

Anyway; there police encountered a women of a color that you will not find in a big box of Crayola; she is somewhere between the woman who is somewhere between the Goldfinger girl and a California Raisin.
Krentcil was arrested and charged.

And this is the important part.  New Jersey has a law that bans anyone under 14 from using a tanning bed at a salon.  Those between 14 and 18 need parental permission.

Most states do not have such a law.

This picture is why every state should pass such a law.  And why Patricia Krentcil needs help; she tans 20 times a month, even Snooki from the Jersey Shore says she’s crazy and she would know.

Little Anna is now in the custody of her father, here is hoping the judge  doesn’t let this little girl with perfect skin to be alone with her Mom until she gets help and returns to a color that is of this world.

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