College Student Turns Dorm Room Into Party Palace

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BERKELEY, CA. (CNN) - Some teens go to college for the academics.  Some for sports.  And others, to, well, party.
California-Berkeley freshman Derek Low has turned his dorm room into a party palace.

But as Dan Simon shows us, the engineering student is just creatively putting his education to work.

I just wanted to build this to learn how to do it.

Derek low is a freshmen at UC Berkeley. He's majoring in electrical engineering. And he's made his college dorm room his laboratory.

It’s a technology wonderland:  automated curtains, motion sensors, and voice commands.

So I can be in my bed and shout, "Sleep mode."

Are just a few of the features that Derek spent three months creating.

When he uploaded this video to YouTube, Derek unofficially became recognized as having the coolest dorm room on the planet.

Reporter: What's your favorite thing about it?

Derek: Party mode, of course.

Derek showed us his party mode:  spinning disco ball, lasers, strobe lights, and techno music, all controlled from his laptop.
Here it is, in all its glory.

As you can imagine, it's attracted some campus attention. Berkeley housing authorities were concerned about electrical wiring modifications, but found no issues. Nonetheless, Derek says he's been summoned to a campus hearing anyway to explain things.

They say I had some violations of residential hall policies. I broke a few rules. I modified my dorm. My room is a fire hazard. I'm disturbing my neighbors. Look around. Everything is fine. No one is complaining.

As Derek shows us, he used tape and binder clips to put the equipment in place and didn't drill any holes. The whole system, he says, can be dismantled in a few minutes.

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