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Madison County Worker Claims He’s Victim Of Double Standard

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(KPLR)-- A Madison County employee charges he is the victim of a double standard when it comes to discipline.   Andrew Kane, a secretary in the State's Attorney's office, says he was disciplined for using his county computer to email an auto repair shop and to send out a resume.  Yet an assistant state's attorney was only "counseled" after using a county conference room to record a gag video spoofing the Chicago Cubs.

Madison County State's Attorney Tom Gibbons said his assistant John McGuire and another employee recorded the gag audition for the Cubs field announcer post last August after hours.   "The county does prohibit the use of county property for political purposes and promotional purposes, and the two employees were counseled about that," Gibbons said Thursday.

The video shows McGuire standing in front of two flags reading a script provided for the audition.  The tape was uploaded to the You Tube web site Gibbons said late at night from McGuire's personal computer.

Gibbons laughed when asked if McGuire was actually applying for a job with the Chicago team.   "Around here our office and certainly around Madison County we're all huge Cardinals' fans.  Any opportunity to poke a little fun at the Cubs is definitely done when we get a chance to do that," added Gibbons.

Kane described the video as a job application that was created using county equipment.

Gibbons called it a minor infraction that was not done at the expense of the taxpayers.  He added, "There are reasonable allowances for certain types of  things,  but some things are out of bounds and each case is looked at on a case by case basis."

Kane has appealed his case under his union contract and is awaiting a decision.   Gibbons said he could not talk about individual disciplinary cases but noted employees have rights and those rights are protected.

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