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Lionel: Presidential Salutes To Military

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(NEW YORK) - As an expert in military and constitutional protocol let me break the news to you. Presidents shouldn’t salute, unless they’re in uniform. So stop. Believe it or not this practice started with St. Ronald of Reagan in 1981. And it’s puerile and has been so ever since. Bush 41, Clinton, Dubya, and now Obama all give that jaunty little salute when saluted by uniformed military or when they’re getting of Air Force or Marine One. And it offends me and should offend you.

And let’s face it, as is usually the case, most folks care nothing about it one way or the other perhaps in part over our fetishization of the military. But it’s wrong, not illegal, but wrong. Why? Well first, because a salute always required being in uniform. Even retired general of the army, Eisenhower never saluted anyone post-retirement and out of uniform. And while we’re at it, the president is not your commander in chief unless you’re in the military.

Notwithstanding article 2, section 2, clause one of our beloved constitution, commander-in-chief is a term used by the Ted Baxter sockpuppet 24/7 cable propaganda and disinformation news organizations, when talking about their favorite guy. When Dubya was POTUS on FIX, er FOX, you’d hear, how dare these liberals show such disrespect to our commander-in-chief. They did it with Dubya, MSNBC does it with Hopey. And let me clear this up. He’s not my commander-in-chief. He’s my president, the two terms are not necessarily synonymous and he works for me. He’s not my king.

Next, under our constitution civilian status is superior to that of military. Civilian presidents like Lincoln and Truman fired generals, taking an almost delight in reminding the military who’s in charge. Even during WWII when Churchill wore a uniform, Roosevelt played down the commander-in-chief bit. During WWII, mind you, when everybody was in the military!

Next, remember the third and my favorite amendment, 'No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner prescribed by law.' What was that all about, Alfie?

The spirit of this amendment was based on an absolute distrust and antipathy towards the notion of hyper-militarization, the standing army and a fierce opposition and distrust of a military that history shows foments overthrows and coups.

And finally, we’ve trivialized our beloved military. We send them off to die and be maimed, to be psychologically ravaged and fractured in wars that are enforcement exercises for globalist banksters, we refuse their medical care and long-term treatment and ignore them and their broken families. Oh, we talk a good game. And little boys have always liked to play cowboy, cops and now soldier. The people who exhibit such cavalier indifference to protocol spit upon the honor and legacy of those they purport to respect.

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