Charlie Sheen To Stop Strip Club From Using Name

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NEW YORK, NY (CNN) - Charlie Sheen is known for cavorting with porn stars.
But he doesn't want his name associated with a New York strip club that named a VIP room "The Charlie Sheen Lounge."

Sheen's attorneys say they sent Cheetah's Gentleman's Club a letter more than a month ago.

It ordered the club to stop commercially exploiting their client's name and likeness.
But according to Sheen's lawyers, the Cheetah hasn't stopped it.

Cheetah's owner says when Sheen's lawyers threatened to sue, he stopped using Sheen's name.

But the strip club owner says he thinks it's OK to keep photos of Sheen in the lounge.
He says they're store-bought pictures of a public figure.

In the V-I-P room, patrons eat sushi off the strippers' bodies.

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