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Mendte: NJ Gov. Christie’s Weight

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(NEW YORK) - Popular New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was one of the stars of this past weekend’s correspondent’s dinner in Washington, but not in a good way.  Governor Christie says he wasn’t bothered by the joke, I was and I am every time David letterman takes a cheap shot at the governor.

I cringe because a fat joke about Chris Christie hurts millions of Americans who struggle with their weight, many from depression, genetics or having a baby.

Christie is being considered as Romney’s running mate and whether he gets the vice presidential nomination or not; he is a leading early contender to run for president in 2016, should Romney lose.

It hasn’t been publicly said; but many political types will whisper that he can’t run because of his weight, it seems silly but think about it.

Obama is fit, Bush was fit, Clinton was average, Bush senior was thin, Reagan was fit, Carter was thin, I could keep going and going.  And I would need to go all of the way back to William Howard Taft, to find the only president over 300 pounds.

Chris Christie needs to lose weight not for his political career or certainly not because of the joke, but for his health.  The governor told Oprah in an interview that he expects to die young because of his weight, but that isn’t the only reason.

Chris Christie would be an example and an inspiration to the millions of others who are struggling with their weight.  He could help not only save his own life, but the lives of many others.

He doesn’t have to wait to be vice president or president; Chris Christie could be a national leader starting right now.

Governor Christie says he likes to do big things; this would be a big thing.

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