Westport McDonalds Damaged by Hail

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (KTVI) - A busy, and frustrating Monday lies ahead for many people in the Maryland Heights area after Saturday’s devastating hail storm took a horrible toll cars and even some buildings, particularly in the Westport Plaza area.

The McDonald’s restaurant there took a beating.  The front of the store has one of those glass atriums seen at many McDonald’s locations.  More than thirty of the double paned glass windows were either shattered or completely blown out by the baseball sized hail that fell.

One worker is being hailed as a hero for moving customers into the walk-in cooler at the height of the storm Saturday afternoon.

The restaurant will be operating as a drive-through only location while they try to get the atrium repaired.

Parking lots in the area are dotted with damaged cars as well.  Not long after the storm, well over forty cars in Westport’s parking lot had shattered windows and body damage from the hail.  We ran across one man simply flabbergasted by his ruined car.

“The hail was so strong after it shattered the windshield a couple of pieces of hail went through my speakers,” he said.  “The tops of the speakers.  See the speakers.  That’s how I got glass...my trunks flooded its got glass all over it.”

In one of the Westport Plaza buildings the skylight blew out, sending hair falling on customers inside.

“The next thing you know I see just plastic skylight just fall, there's tennis ball size hail on the ground, and it's raining straight through,” one employee told us.

Monday will shape up as a busy day for repair crews and insurance agents trying to piece through the damage left behind.

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