MVP Makes Surprise Visit To Child Heart Patient

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) -  Vivien Kozeny is getting a new doctor, at least for the day.

'I have another doctor here to see you,' says Dr. Ken Schowengerdt of SSM Cardinal Glennon Children`s Medical Center.

It was quite a surprise for this seven year old when slugger David Freese, I mean, 'Dr. Freese' dropped in.

'Really surprised a lot,' says Vivien Kozeny.

After all, she`d just watched him on his birthday, Saturday, where...

'He got a home run,' says Kozeny.
'That was an accident,' laughs David Freese.

But it was no accident for the Cardinal third baseman stopping in SSM Cardinal Glennon Children`s Medical Center.

'Hearing about her I was more than happy to come up here and say,  `Hi` you know,' says Freese.  'You know this is what it's all about seeing the kids.'

Since she was a month old, doctors have been trying to fix her heart.

'She was born with a large hole in her heart it's called atrial septal defect,' says Shannon KIozeny.  'We tried to work several years with different medication to see if it would close on its own and it didn't so we had a patch put in.'

However, an odd rhythm developed and Vivien had to undergo three surgeries, the most recent, just last week.

'I know that she's a miracle but I love that everyone can see how special she is,' says Mom Shannon.

'You get put on a platform a little bit and this allows you to do things like this and just hanging out with these kids it's pretty cool,' says Freese.

Vivian was a little overwhelmed meeting the third baseman.

'I was embarrassed because he came and he's like my favorite player,' says Kozeny.

Vivien says Freese is taller and smells nice in person.
And after getting her very own glove, a junior jersey and a hug, she`s got a story she`s telling all her friends.

'He`s David Freese and he came to the doctor,' says Kozeny.
'Just to see you?' asks Patrick Clark.
'Just to see me,' says a smiling Kozeny.

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