Local Residents Hit Hard By Powerful Storms

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR)---More than 200 viewers have sent us their photos and FOX 2's parking lot and kitchen was hit hard with egg-sized hail, and we mean big eggs.

Hail came in through the skylight on the rooftop of FOX 2. As tornado sirens wailed, the first fears about what might drop from the sky had to do with funnel clouds. Another terror changed rather quickly. There was hail by the handful in New Baden and hail in Collinsville, Illinois.

It really did seem to fall faster than snow in O'Fallon, Illinois, and made a De Soto, Missouri, backyard look like a Georgia cotton field. It just ruined everything, pounding cars and buildings in Maryland Heights.  A young man in University City seemed impressed and scared at the same time.

April 28th in St. Louis, was certainly a day to run and hide.