Jaco – May Day For Rams Deal To Stay In St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - May day is the day which Marxists call an international holiday for oppressed workers. Capitalists hereabouts call it something else.  The last day for the Rams to submit their shopping list to taxpayers.

May 1st is the deadline for the Rams to submit their counter-proposal to the city about what sort of updates the teams will demand at the dome in exchange for staying in St. Louis. The Rams lease says the team can leave St. Louis in January, 2015 if the dome isn't among the top facilities in the NFL.

The Rams have already rejected the convention and visitor's commission's first offer to upgrade the dome. 24-million-dollars worth of new electronics, new windows and new seats.  The deal just didn't excite the Rams that much. So now comes the deadline for their counter-offer.  What that counter-offer looks like will tell us a lot about whether the Rams are serious about staying in St. Louis Or they're looking to move elsewhere. Possibly back to Los Angeles.

If the Rams ask for a massive re-model of the dome then there's a basis to talk about keeping them in town. But if the team comes up with a several hundred million dollar wish list that stops just short of asking for a new stadium. Then the Rams will probably be LA bound. In either case, the Rams counter-offer is due tomorrow.

The city has a month to accept or reject the Rams proposal. If they accept it by June 1st then done deal. If they reject it, then the Rams and the CVC go to arbitration as of June 15th. They then have until the end of the year to strike a deal. No deal. No Rams.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.