Clean Up Underway After Storms Hit St. Louis

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SOUTH ST. LOUIS,  MO (KTVI)---Sections of South City took a big time hit from Saturday`s storms.

Trees toppled into cars and homes prompting a massive clean up on Sunday.

On Childress, the storms uprooted a massive tree and sent it collapsing into two houses.
One of the homes belongs to Scott Handley and his family.

They were in the basement when tree came crashing down damaging their roof and other areas. "The winds got insane, blowing really heavy, tree branches blowing around, so that`s when I decided to go in the basement with the boys and about a minute later we heard a noise in the alley and it was the tree fell over between the houses," said Handley.

Nearby on Wabash, a huge tree toppled over onto the front of rob Girardier's home.
"'We were standing in the doorway last night watching the winds blow straight sideways and it was me and my gal, she was right next to me watching, and as mom came in the whole tree came over," said Girardier.

The storm damaged three of Rob's cars, along with many other vehicles in south St. Louis.

All of the damage took a toll on clean up crews. "It`s very tiring. Back sore, sleep," said city forestry worker Bruce Norman. Despite Mother Nature's mess, mass still went on at St. Joan of Arc on Pernod even though the church had no power.

While crews worked to restore electricity outside, inside, mass took place using candles and flashlights. "It was nice. In a way it almost kind of felt like an old fashioned sitting around the house with the candles on when the lights are out," said parishioner Mary Powers.

Many in this area are thankful nobody was hurt.

"We really, really lucked out. I mean it couldn't have been any luckier considering what happened," said Handley.