Woman Killed In Hit and Run Accident In Downtown St. Louis

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DOWNTOWN, ST. LOUIS, MO. (KPLR) - Our own Monica Adams gave live traffic reports on the hit-and-run death of her dear friend for over four hours Friday morning.

"So, I got a phone call at 3 o'clock this morning,' Adams remembered.  'The worst thing you could possibly hear, a mother screaming and crying that the most unreal thing had happened."

Adams anchored traffic for Fox 2 News In The Morning.  She did this even after learning her friend, 23-year-old Amber Wood, was hit by a car and killed while the driver took off.  So Monica, while tempted to stay home, came to work.

"Yes, that is a very dear friend of mine that was killed overnight,' Monica fought back tears while on-air.  'Thanks very much for the prayers."

"I couldn't do that,' she said, still tearing up.  'I couldn't do the story and keep going on and for people to be emailing and knowing that I know her, because we're not heartless."

Wood's mom is dating Monica's brother.

"But, it wasn't like a daughter or a young little niece.  It was just this bond as a friend,' Monica finally smiled.  "It was that person that you trust, and be like, 'That's who I want in my home when I go on vacation.  She's gonna watch my dogs.'"

Monica urged anyone who knows about this young woman's early death to speak up, now.

"You have to.  Whether it's inside of you to click that you need to go to the police or someone that knows has got to tell that person, 'You've gotta come forward,`' she said.  "I know that you've done something tragic.  Whatever was going through your mind at that point that you just struck someone, you didn't even know if you've killed them.  But, you hit someone."

On Facebook, Monica's friends wondered how she got through this tragic morning, live, on-air in front of millions.

"Amber.  Amber was guiding me this morning.  Truly.  You know, we have an angel up there now."

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