Mendte: Marco Rubio, Republican VP Nominee?

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(NEW YORK) - Almost since the time he was sworn in as Senator from Florida, I have been saying that Marco Rubio is going to be the Republican vice Presidential nominee.
But now a lot of people are saying that the nominee is going to be Senator Rob Portman.  Even though Portman is from Ohio, an important swing state in the 2012 election and as a former treasury secretary, he is more than qualified.  I don`t buy it.

Portman is a good looking older white guy whose expertise is the economy; Mitt Romney has all that covered.  In fact the more people say that it`s going to be Portman, the more I am convinced it`s Rubio.

And here is why.  Most of the people saying it is going to be Portman are Democrats, guys like Paul Begala, who is a democratic operative disguised as a TV analyst.

This is the way politics works, Begala says it should be Portman because he is experienced and can step right into the job; because he knows it is probably going to be Rubio and then he can be shocked that the Republicans picked someone so young and inexperienced that will be the narrative against the 40 year old Rubio.

Forget the fact that he has more legislative experience than Barack Obama had when he got the nomination.

Rubio just makes too much sense; he is a Tea Party guy and that helps Romney excite the Republican`s Conservative base.  He is from Florida, a state Romney must win and he would be an historic pick that could win the Latino vote and that would give Romney the election, and that`s why Paul Begala is at all interested in Rob Portman.

Politics is one big mind game.

For instance, this week Marco Rubio delivered a speech about Iran and forgot his last page.  That made news.  Why because it plays into the oppositions narrative that he is young and inexperienced; had it been Reagan or McCain it would have been because he was old and losing it, if it was former Vice Presidential candidate Dan Quayle it would have been because he wasn`t very smart.

The narrative is written and then you wait for something to prove it.

It will be Rubio; I just hope he`s ready for the onslaught, because a very big slime machine is going to come at him with everything it`s got.

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