Jacology: Words With No Meaning

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(KPLR) - Socialism, have a nice day .and sorry about that, have all become meaningless phrases, tossed around to fill space. Have a nice day? It's what a stranger says after selling you a cup of coffee. Sorry about that? It's what somebody says after they screw up. Whether they mean it or not. Which they usually don't.

But as meaningless as those two phrases are, they're packed with all the meaning of the complete works of Shakespeare compared to using the word socialism. Congressman Todd Akin for example, just took a few digs from the president because Akin said federal involvement in student loans is a stage three cancer of socialism.

Huh? Federally backed student loans made it possible for a lot of us to attend college. If that's socialism, then publicly funded highways are the spawn of Karl Marx. But then again, the congressman once praised the Pilgrims in a house speech for rejecting unbiblical socialism.

Then there was the Missouri billboard put up by a fringe group with pictures of Hitler, Lenin and Obama, calling all of them socialists. Or the opponents of the initiative against puppy mills, who call it, socialist interference with animal owners.  And then there are the protestors holding signs calling just about everything socialism.

What happened?  Easy.  Socialism has become shorthand for anything the radical fringes of American politics object to. It can range from Obamacare to public schools.  But when someone calls something socialism, what it really means, is that they've completely run out of real ideas.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.

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