Mendte: Etan Patz

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(NEW YORK) - A little boy is alone on a New York City street and then he just disappears.  May 25, 1979, the day 6 year old Etan Patz vanished; it seemed as if he was everywhere and nowhere his face could be seen on every wall and building in New York, in every newspaper and TV newscast all part of a frantic international search; but he was nowhere to be found and the pictures faded but not our memories.

Because something else happened on May 25, 1979, it was the end of our innocence.

For after that day, children no longer walked city streets alone, as we were faced with the dark realization that the boogey man really does exist.

The nation froze with parental fear.  Stories of other missing children became front page news and in 1981 when another 6 year old boy Adam Walsh was abducted from a mall in Florida and found murdered that fear turned into terror.

Ronald Reagan named May 25 National Missing Children’s Day a national organization and database was formed, missing children were featured on milk cartons and schools taught children about stranger danger.

There was no such thing as over protective anymore and it all started with Etan Patz it was our awakening.

There has been a break in the case and god bless detectives for not giving up after 33 years.

I hope they find something that will bring Etan's parents answers I am not naïve or insensitive enough to think it might bring them peace, comfort or closure.

All are unattainable when you lose a child the family will never be the same they were forever changed on May 25, 1979.

We all were.

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