Mendte: Presidential Polls

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(NEW YORK) - I know that paying attention to polls this far away from Election Day in November is like trying to figure out the pennant race by looking at the baseball standings now.

But this latest New York Times poll is pretty interesting.

It shows that President Obama and Mitt Romney are tied 48% to 48%.

Most polls that have been released the past week have the two candidates either tied or within a few points, that’s not the interesting part.

The poll also asked if you have a favorable or unfavorable view of the two.  President Obama is liked by more people than dislike him.  Mitt Romney after a nasty republican primary is liked by less than 30 percent of Americans.

You’ll hear this described as the who would you most like to have a beer with test; but since Romney is Mormon and doesn’t drink, that’s not really a good barometer.

Why is Mitt Romney doing so well if most people don’t like him?

Because 39% of the people say they are falling behind financially, are suffering in this economy and they think Mitt Romney can fix it, like he fixed the Olympics in Salt Lake City and hundreds of companies.

You don’t go to a mechanic because of his sparkling personality; you go because he can do the job.

Seinfeld didn't go to the soup Nazi because he was a good guy, but because he had good soup.

Romney has seized on to this theme.

That is the new campaign theme and it’s a good one.

These two men aren’t running against each other; they are running against the economy, if it gets better Obama wins, if it gets worse Romney wins.

Beer has nothing to do with it.

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