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(NEW YORK) - Our national discussion is a maundering, confused hodgepodge chockablock with logolalia. What does that mean? I don’t know but what I want to say is that my fellow countrymen are yammering like we’re in a psych ward, like the day room at Bellevue.

The world is on the verge of imploding and I’m not saying that to be cute, I really mean it. And the diversion, the distraction, the red herring that throws us off the trail is that, The TV.

We used to call it the tube. Now it’s just another screen, flat as in the affect of this man and my country who just stare at that thing and are deluded into thinking that they’re being given the news.

I was walking through the newsroom this week and I looked up at one of the 900 screens of various levels of distortion and it happened to be the Piers Morgan show, television’s answer to the test pattern, and the screen read, I swear 'Cornel West and Tavis Smiley discuss Ted Nugent.'

Now, let that marinate in your head for a while and I swear hours from now it’ll hit you and you’ll drop to your knees either in hysterics or abject horror.

Then I watched some other show, now mind you during an election year, I watched someone interview Ann Romney about Seamus the Romney dog that they left on top of the car as they drove down the road in 1983! I mean this question won’t go away. This after they kept asking mitt, why are you so boring? Translation: Why do you suck?

All from that TV there.

And ill bet you after these stupid interactions, late at night very powerful people whose names you’ve never heard of, people who run the central banks of the world, globalist monsters and banksters are on the phone saying: can you believe these people?

They have literally no idea what we’re doing. I didn’t think this was possible. They don’t read, they don’t travel. In fact less than 30% even own a passport. That’s sounds good unless you compare it to Canada with 60%. But then again, it’s Canada. More of an incentive to get out.

I kid, of course. But we don’t know anything about anything. We’ll get hung up on Trayvon Martin, which, look, I understand is important. But global monetary systems are imploding and civilizations are being essentially gutted by rapacious global banksters, imperialist expansion and the invasion of sovereign countries who pose no threat to us whatsoever , the exporting of destabilization and the like through NGO proxies and the like and a federal reserve, as federal as federal express, a private central bank calling the shots.

And Piers Morgan’s talking about Ted Nugent.

God help us.

And Comment.

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