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Jacology: Smoke And Politics

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(KPLR) - In about ten minutes it'll be four-twenty. And today is April 20th, four-twenty. And as Halloween is to Wiccans, today is to pot smokers.

It's all because of the urban legend that some California high school stoners got together in the seventies every day at four-twenty outside the school and lit up. Forty years later, those teen potheads who started all this, are probably getting ready to retire from their minimum wage jobs.

I say that; because a 2004 study from the rand corporation in California confirmed what many of us guessed, that regular marijuana use starting anywhere between seventh and tenth grade, .results in lower grades, less academic effort, lower rates of college success and eventually, occupations that tend to pay less. The study found the earlier you start, the worse the outcomes.

Oddly enough, the results were just about the same for young people who start smoking cigarettes early, less education, lower incomes, worse health, lower prestige. But among adults, evidence is inconclusive at best. In 2008 the world health organization estimated that over 42% of American adults have used marijuana since they've become adults. Only one other country has a higher rate of adults who've smoked weed, Canada.

Interestingly, next Sunday is the last day for gathering signatures on petitions in Missouri to put marijuana legalization on the ballot. Not medical marijuana. Legalization within Missouri’s borders. No other state has ever approved complete legalization. So far, they're falling short on having enough signatures.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.

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