Missouri Green Sales Tax Holiday

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KPLR) - Until April 25, 2012, shoppers in Missouri can keep the cash for the Green Sales Tax Holiday.  Some counties are also celebrating by rolling back their local sales taxes.
However, all this is only on certain items.  The appliance has to have an ENERGY STAR label.  Also there are only a few energy-efficient items on the list.  For instance, customers can get taxes knocked off of a brand-new washer.  The dryer, though, is not exempt from the sales tax.
Letting go of some of the state taxes could actually bring more revenue to Missouri in the long run.  Out-of-state customers can benefit, as long as they fill their shopping list in Missouri.  So, there is an opportunity for vendors to generate some repeat business.
The Green Sales Tax Exemption applies to only the first $1,500 on each appliance.  That can be up to a $60 savings, each item.  Maybe that cash can go to an electric bill.
These items ARE Missouri sales tax exempt through April 25, 2012:
Clothes washers
Water heaters
Air conditioners
Heat pumps
These items are NOT:
Clothes dryers
Trash compactors
Conventional ovens
Ranges and stoves
Lighting fixtures
Office equipment
and other non-appliance ENERGY STAR items
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