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Mendte: More Pictures Surface Of U.S. Soldiers Posing With Corpses & Body Parts

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(NEW YORK) - Photographs of us soldiers posing with the corpses and body parts of afghan insurgents published in the la times is the latest embarrassment for the united states in the war in Afghanistan.

Truthfully, I am not even sure why this is news.  These kinds of pictures have been available on the internet for sometime posted by those who have served.  It doesn’t make it right, but does it make it news?

We send young men and women to war to kill the bad guys.  For many it is kill or be killed.  Think of the stress that puts on a young mind, think of what they have seen, is it any wonder they have been desensitized.

War is hell and bad things happen.

Again that doesn’t make it right; but we should try to understand what we have done to these men and women before we condemn them.  This is yet another reason we need to get out of Afghanistan now rather than late 2014.

These pictures should be a graphic reminder that nothing good is going to happen from staying.  Nothing will be significantly different a year and a half from now.

The reason we don’t leave now is simple, after we leave, the Taliban moves in and it will be ugly.  Uglier than these pictures, the administration doesn’t want that before the election and that is why instead of those pictures; I’d like to call your attention to these pictures.

Twenty-Two year old Corporal Aaron Faust of Louisville, Kentucky and 32 year old Staff Sergeant David Nowacyk  of Dyer Indiana; this week the pentagon confirmed these two heroes as 1,937 and 1,938 in the war in Afghanistan.

This is the real horror of the war that young men like Aaron and David die in a war that has lost its purpose, die for politics.

The pentagon today condemned the la times and the soldiers in these pictures.  Well, on behalf of the soldiers in these pictures I condemn the pentagon for staying in war we cannot win.

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