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100 Year Old City Hall To Close Its Doors

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MARYVILLE, IL (KPLR)-- A worn stone statue of a buffalo stands in front of the Knights of Columbus Hall in Maryville, Illinois.  The statue is a reminder of what once was here.

"The area was roamed by the Kickapoo Indians and this was a buffalo hunting place," says member Russ Geisz.

And for the last 100 years it was a place for locals to gather.  They came to dance, have picnics and recently, Wednesday Night Bingo.

But like the buffalo, the hall is about to become a memory.

Attendance dropped over the years and so did the cash flow.  Bills began to pile up and volunteers disappeared.  The Knights say they had no choice but to sell the property.

Next week the last numbers will be called and the doors will be closed.  Many like Kathy Langreder worry about what will happen to Buffalo Park.

"It will be gone and no more green space.  No more Buffalo Park.  It's all so very sad," said Ms. Langredar.

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