Tarot Card Reader Brings Pets & Owners Together

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - When Julia Gordon-Bramer lays her cards on the table, she can usually tell you what's going on in your life.

"You know I always had a Dr. Doolittle fantasy when I was little and it's a way to talk to the animals." said Julia Gordon-Bramer.

For more than thirty years she's been reading tarot cards. Then she decided trust her gut and got into the business of telling others about their primitive animal instincts. Meaning she reads cards for canines.

"Being a pet owner and cat owner and person involved in stray rescue we were always getting these animals that we didn't know where they came from.  We didn't know what was going on with them, we just knew that there were behavior issues or something like that." said Julia Gordon-Bramer.

For any animal owner with a wild animal, the wild card is trying to figure out what your pet is trying to tell you.

"I was just, you know, I was interested.  I'd heard of animal psychics and tarot readings but I'd never done one." said Ellen Cook.

Gordon-Bramer has dabbled in divination for dogs, cats, birds, chinchillas, and even turtles. Her mission is to help owners understand behavioral problems or just the wants and needs of a pet.

"The issues we see with cats and dogs is territory.  Love and affection, sometimes they have their best buddies.  Something terrible happened to her.  It looked like the greatest tragedy she could have experienced." said Julia Gordon-Bramer.

That's what brought Debbie Pond and her lab retriever Poppy who she inherited from her boyfriend who passed away suddenly.

"And I just wanted to know how.  I mean, I've only known her for about four months before he passed away and just wanted to make sure she was happy.  And she missed him, as much as I do." said Debbie Pond.

Gordon-Bramer says she knows the cards are stacked against her when it comes to non-believers.

"There's always going to be skeptics.  What I tell people is that tarot is less spiritual and more psychological.  When I read for people I say I'm showing you what you already know on a higher level." said Julia Gordon-Bramer.

That's where she comes in to shuffle the cards, and give some insight to your four legged friend.

Patrick Clark, News 11.

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