Mendte: Subway Terrorist

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(NEW YORK) - The trial of Adis Medunjanin is underway in New York City.  He and two other men were arrested in 2009 and charged with plotting to murder scores of innocent people by boarding subway cars as suicide bombers on the eighth anniversary of 9/11

The other two men have plead guilty and are going to testify against Medunjanin

It really doesn’t sound as if the suspected al Qaeda terrorist has much of a chance in this trial, as the feds have not only the testimony of his two terrorist buddies; but a preponderance of other evidence including intelligence about the three stooges trip to Pakistan, where they hoped to join the Taliban, but instead were recruited by al Qaeda.

By the way, Medunjanin is enjoying the protection of the American justice system right now, that finds him innocent until proven guilty.  His al Qaeda buddies would have beheaded him by now.

This trial should bring you both discomfort and comfort.  The feds say that Medunjanin and the pips were just days away from carrying out their attacks, that’s the disconcerting part; al Qaeda is still planning attacks in Pakistan, with allies like Pakistan who needs enemies.

But they were caught before they could carry out their plans and it shows us how law enforcement from the FBI to the CIA to local law enforcement have stepped up their game since 9/11.  We owe them all a sincere thank you for protecting us and our families.

Oh and there is one other thing, once this trial is over, can we finally put the hairy bad man on trial; it’s been almost a decade since Khalid sheik Mohammed, the mastermind of the attacks of 9/11 was caught.  His boss is dead; it’s time for Khalid to join him.

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