Jacology: Cutting Foster Care Budget

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(KPLR) - Missouri State Senator Kurt Schaefer apparently cares deeply about children, right up until the moment they're born. After that, not so much.  The republican from Columbia is anti-abortion. He's also the driving force behind a plan to slash over 13 and a half million dollars from the budget for foster care in Missouri. He would also eliminate several dozen jobs in child protective services.

So what happens to all the kids in Missouri in foster care? Schaefer's proposal would eliminate subsidized child care for almost 4,000 kids and another 2,300 would have their child care subsidies reduced. Under Schaefer’s proposal, if a family of three brings in more than $19,600 a year, they can't get any help with child care.  So if you make more than $377 a week, tough.

Missourians on the bottom of the economic ladder need the child care subsidies. Without it, one of the two parents will have to stop working to care for the child. Or they'll have to hope friends and relatives can baby sit, constantly for free. Lots of luck with that. And that means these poor people will get even poorer.

None of this may matter much to senator Schaefer. He's a full partner in the national powerhouse law firm of Lathrop and Gage. He makes a good living. His children will probably never end up as foster care kids. But almost 16,000 children remain in the foster care system in Missouri.

Cutting cash to help foster parents with child care and eliminating jobs of child protective service workers; is the kind of thinking that puts Missouri on the road to becoming the next Mississippi.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.

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