Light Bulb That Lasts 20 Years Hits Stores

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SUNSET HILLS, MO (KPLR)-- Some are calling it the Cadillac of light bulbs. A new Phillips LED bulb hits store shelves on Sunday.

The bulb is expected to last more than 20 years and use considerably less energy than either incandescent or CFL bulbs.

Taylor Reich is the store manager for the Home Depot in Sunset Hills and says the light bulb aisle has turned into a popular place for consumers to ask questions.

Home Depot will carry the new Phillips brand bulb at select stores and online.

"You will probably move out of your house before you change that light bulb," predicts Reich.

The only problem for consumers is the up front cost.  Even though the bulb might save money in the long run it costs around $50.

The Creve Coeur BatteriesPlus store carries LED bulbs and plenty of other bulbs as well.

"It`s important that customers be able to see what type of light that bulb is putting out," said Steve Donnell.  His store includes a display that shows the different light each bulb creates.

The old traditional way of looking for a 40 or 60 watt bulb has become more complicated.

Claudia Gabay-Jones is with Frost Electric Supply.  The company provides lighting for contractors.

She says two key things to spot on the light bulb label is number next to the word 'lumens' and the number next to the letter 'K'.

"The higher the lumen output the more light you`re going to get," explained Gabay-Jones.

She said the higher the number next the letter 'K' the more of a fluorescent type look the light will have.

Both Home Depot and BatteriesPlus stores have displays showing exactly the type of light each bulb puts out.

"It`s important that customers be able to see what type of light that bulb is putting out," said Donnell.

"Don`t limit yourself to thinking it`s going to be that bright intrusive light," said Reich. "We can give you whatever you want."

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