Shake ‘n Bake Method To Make Meth Cooking Up Dangerous Problems

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, MO (KPLR)-- Meth makers in Franklin County are using a method called shake `n bake or one pot to make drugs.  The meth is made in an easier and more simple way in one bottle.  But authorities say it`s much more dangerous than the old way.

Sgt. Jason Grellner with Franklin County Narcotics says, "You`re flirting with death or extreme burns you`re literally making a time bomb that has no timer on it."  Sgt. Grellner added, "Probably in the last two years we`ve worked more meth lab fires, burn fires and explosions than we did in the previous decade."

Grellner said meth makers carry the bottle of chemicals in their backpack or their car and the results can be explosive. Washington Missouri Fire Chief Bill Halmich has seen the one pot method increase dramatically. "There`s a tremendous inhalation hazard, fire hazard because it`s always flammable," he states.

Authorities said typically meth makers across the country do not have insurance and they run up $6000 a day hospital bills for months on end.

Sgt. Grellner said, "Vanderbilt University put out statistics last year that on average they`re spending nine million dollars a year on uninsured meth lab victims in their burn unit."

He added meth makers who are burned in explosions take up as many as 30 percent of burn unit beds.  Sgt. Grellner fears the situation will only get worse.

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