Outlet Mall Could Wipe Out Rombach ‘Pumpkin Patch’

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CHESTERFIELD, MO (KPLR)-- There’s fear plans for a new outlet mall in Chesterfield could wipe out a 'generations-old' family tradition. The Rombach Farms 'pumpkin patch' may not survive.

Rombach Farms has been here since the 19-teens.  The produce stand has just opened again.  This place came back after the flood of `93.  But the owners say the drainage ditch of `12, may do them in.

The Farms’ have been handed down through generations of the Rombach family;  and generations of St. Louis area families have kept the Romabachs going;  the big draw is the pumpkin patch and fall festival every year - featuring the pumpkin pyramid - the maze;  favorites for kids;  their parents and grand-parents, too.

Now, there`s a plan for a new outlet mall - not right where the farm is; but the mall plan does include a massive drainage ditch, running through the farm to the Missouri river.  The farms owners say it would be 100” wide, uncovered.

We've left message for developer Dean Wolff but have had no response so far.

There`s a planning committee meeting on the development Thursday at Chesterfield City Hall.

Rombach Farms and Pumpkin Patch