Jaco – New Push To Get Guns On Buses

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - There's hardly anything as comforting as getting on a bus or the Metrolink And knowing that everybody else could be carrying a gun. It gives you the same sort of warm fuzzy feeling as, say, riding through Afghanistan or Somalia and knowing that even the houseplants have guns.

Allowing transit riders to pack heat is the brilliant idea of state representative Ed Scheiffer of Troy, MO. In case you haven't noticed lately, neither the Metro bus system nor MetroLink rail runs to Troy. But representative Scheiffer, without contacting Metro or any local law enforcement agencies has apparently decided that riding mass transit is so dangerous that everybody should be armed. At least that's what he has heard.

Anyway, since Missouri allows people to carry concealed weapons just about anywhere some state lawmakers apparently figure that it's an infringement on second amendment rights and NRA by-laws. For buses and trains not to allow people to be armed on board. Had representative Scheiffer actually bothered to do some checking he would have found that Metro buses and trains pick up and discharge passengers 40 million time a year. Forty million.

Metro reports that in Missouri, out of those 40 million comings and goings, there were 16 assaults and three robberies reported in 2010. That's 19 reported incidents out of 40 million. That's odds of one in two million. One in two million is roughly the same chance you have of being hit by lightning or  being killed by falling out of bed.

So maybe representative Scheiffer should require all Missourians to walk around carrying lightning rods. Maybe he should require all Missourians to put soft pillows on the floor next to their beds. After all, you never know.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.

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